Paris Apple store robbed on New Year’s Eve


This gave the robbers enough time to get many Apple goods (including iPad tablets, iPhone mobile phones and Mac computers) packed. Although the mobile phones could be tracked if they are eventually used this doesn’t help the store owners very much. If Police doesn’t track and catch the robbers all the stolen Apple products will probably end up being sold at the black market and the trace of most products will be forever lost.

At this time there are unofficial reports that the total worth of the stolen goods on the market is around 1 million Euros. When reached for confirmation Police officials explained that the Apple shop management was still evaluating the total loss and they refused to comment until they have the final figures.

The armed robbers forced their way into the store and after they loaded the stolen goods into a van they escaped into the night. According to a spokesman from the police union UNSA the robbery was planned to the smallest detail. The four masked and armed individuals were well prepared and the robbery time couldn’t have been better as at that time the Police were watching at New Year’s Eve celebrations.


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