A £700,000 watch was stolen from a tourist in Paris


The Japanese was smoking outside with a friend, when he was approached by a man in a Parka-style coat, who asked for a cigarette. The owner of the watch put his hand out and the thug ripped his watch off and ran away. This techniques once were used only by gangs from Italy and Russia. The scene was captured on video. 71 thefts of watches worth a total of some £2 million were reported in Paris in the first eight months of this year. Four attacks happened in one day, at the height of summer, on August 29. ‘Our advice to anyone with an expensive watch is to keep it well covered up in public, and not to show if off in bars or restaurants,’ said a Paris police source.


Tourists have long been the target of Paris’s spiraling street crime. Fact is urban safety is deteriorating in France. Statistics from the Minister of the Interior indicate ruthless attacks, burglaries and other street crimes.


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