A zebra was killed by police in Germany


No-one was injured in the rear-end collision but a police squad car was also damaged, and an officer suffered minor injuries. The zebra was uncatchable even by the circus trainer. A police spokesman said: “The animal was going in the wrong direction on the autobahn from Tessin to Rostock.”The operation prompted a closure of the highway and a “large police deployment”. Some people on social media want to know why the zebra wasn’t taken down with a stun gun instead of a real one. “The exact circumstances are still being clarified,” the police release notes. Details of the shooting have not been made public.


Another zebra, escaped at the same time from circus, was captured and returned to its owners. It is not yet clear how the two animals escaped from the circus in northern Germany on Tuesday evening. Authorities in Germany have been accused of “murder” by the trainers Angelo Madel and his wife Carla Jenkins. “We are devastated. It is such a big loss for our family. He was a really good animal,” they said.


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