British Airways cancelled all flights on Monday


The airline says it has made pilots in the union “a generous offer of a 11.5% pay increase over three years.” The pilots say the company has increased its profits more than $3 billion annually. The union, which says it represents 85% of all commercial pilots in the U.K., voted to hang up their pilot caps Monday and Tuesday and again on Sept. 27. “British Airways needs to wake up and realise its pilots are determined to be heard,” union General Secretary Brian Strutton said in a statement issued Sunday.


The union also says the company’s leaders are paid huge salaries and have generous benefits packages. The canceled flights could affect as many as 145,000 passengers Monday, and could cost $50 million a day. In its statement, the airline expressed that it is “ready and willing to return to talks” with the union. “It’s going to punish customers, it’s going to punish our brand, it’s going to punish the rest of the colleagues.”


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