A man paid by error £55K for a beer at a Manchester hotel


More, they charged a £1,000 transaction fee. It was a mistake, sure, and a spokesman for the hotel apologised and said an investigation had been launched. However, the money left Mr Lalor’s bank account and he says he was told it would take 10 business days for the refund to be processed. „I’m just a cricket writer, I don’t earn big bucks and it’s costing me in interest,” Mr Lalor declared. Mr Lalor admitted with humour sense that “It’s a good beer.” “The original version of it won a heap of awards, including the Supreme Champion Beer of Britain, but if you are thinking that no beer is worth the best part of 100,000 dollars, then I am inclined to agree with you,” he quickly added.


A spokesman for Visa said the “unusual” case shows how important it is to always check details of payments and receipts. „Experience the extraordinary”, the Malmaison Hotel in Manchester says on their official page online. „Our standards are special”, its owners say more. It is probably ok, but don’t forget to always verify check your payment note. Otherwise tou can be an exception too, as Mr Lalor is.


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