Thousands people were happy this week participating at Tomatina festival


Participants throw tomatoes and get involved in a tomato fight purely for entertainment purposes. Since 2013 official ticketing has been in place limiting the number of participants to just 20,000 people. Tickets cost €10 each. What about is the festival ? On the morning of the festival there are trains from Valencia Central Station, which is about 40km away. At around 11am many trucks haul the bounty of tomatoes into the center of the town, Plaza del Pueblo. The signal for the beginning of the fight is firing of water cannons, and the chaos begins.

La Tomatina Festival

After one hour the fighting ends. It’s a disaster in the streets. The cleaning process of the town involves the use of fire trucks to spray down the streets, with water provided from a Roman aqueduct. The tomato fight has been a strong tradition in Bunol since 1944 or 1945. The festival is in honor of the town’s patron saints, Luis Bertran and the Mare de Deu dels Desemparats (Mother of God of the Defenseless), a title of the Virgin Mary.


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