Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte resigned, country is in crisis


Conte, a law professor with no previous political experience, became prime minister in June 2018 after the League and Five Star Movement reached a coalition agreement. He launched a scathing attack on Salvini, Tuesday, in Senate. Conte accused him of putting the national interest at risk in order to advance his own personal interests. “Asking citizens to vote every year is irresponsible,” he added. “I am a free man. I am not afraid of the judgment of Italians,” Salvini said in a replica.


Salvini also defended his policies on Europe and immigration, which caused the coalition to fall apart. There are also doubts about whether elections can be held in the autumn since there might not be enough time for the new government to put together a budget for 2020. The long-term strategy for the Democrats and Five Star is very unclear and that’s no way to revive Italy’s stagnating economy. Conte resigned Tuesday, leaving President Sergio Mattarella to decide what comes next. A new coalition is possible, or a new caretaker government.


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