Two Russian pilots saved passengers and crew doing an emergency landing without engines


Hero pilot Damir Yusupov, 41, called for an emergency landing back at Moscow’s Zhukovsky International Airport but then decided to bring the plane down at the earliest opportunity, in a cornfield near Ramenskoye settlement. It was an extraordinary manual landing. He had no engine power when he landed. There were 16 tonnes of fuel on board. All people were saved but some 55 of them had injuries. A pregnant woman and nine children were among those injured. “An enormous thank you. Wishing you long, healthy life!” a woman passenger said to pilot. „I bow to you for your professionalism, for every life that you saved today,” she added.

The hero captain Damir Yusupov

After the evacuation, passengers rushed to embrace and thank Yusupov and his flight attendants who helped them exit the stricken Airbus. “He has been flying as first pilot for only one year,” said Yusupov’s brother. The hero captain is married with two children. The Kremlin lauded two Russian pilots as heroes and said they would be handed state awards. The incident was being dubbed the “miracle over Ramensk.”


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