Debris from a Boeing 787 engine fell to the ground and damaged cars in Italy


It happened in the weekend. Fragments „from the sky” landed on cars and roofs in the vicinity of Rome’s Fiumicino airport when they fell from the Norwegian airline’s plane after its takeoff. Some  measured ten to 20 centimeters. the pieces of metal fell 400m. According to municipal sources, 25 cars and 12 homes were damaged. “Around 4.40 pm on Saturday, an aircraft taking off from the Leonardo da Vinci airport suffered a breakdown and had to return. During the breakdown, however, it lost metal pieces that fell at great speed to the ground, at Via Mariotti in Isola Sacra. When falling, these fragments hit parked cars, garden sheds and other objects, damaging them. Local police, state police, the Carabinieri police, fire brigade and civil protection officers went to the site,” Mayor Esterino Montino wrote on Facebook.


An air investigation is underway. The Norwegian Airlines Boeing 787 was heading to Los Angeles with 298 passengers on board on Saturday when it reported a technical failure of one its engines. The Boeing later landed safely in Fiumicino. A spokeswoman for Norwegian airlines told Euronews that a flight from Rome to Los Angeles had to go back to Fiumicino airport “due to indications of a technical failure of one of the engines”. The plane in question was a 5.5-year-old Boeing 787-8.


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