The UK experienced a power cut affectig the capital and large areas


Two power generators on the National Grid had issues. Windpower and natural gas generation levels dropped. UK Power Networks, who control power lines for London and the South East, and Western Power Distribution in Midlands, the South West and Wales both confirmed widespread outages. Blackouts were reported, trains were delayed and cancelled and traffic lights in parts of London stopped working. Trains that were in operation have broken down. Chaos resulted for commuters in the midst of rush hour.Passengers at Newcastle Airport said the power cut out for about 15 minutes, but Heathrow, Gatwick and Luton airports said they had not been affected.

Euston train station was affected too

Ipswich Hospital said it had been affected by the power cut in that area, because its back-up generator had failed to work. The national grid is a network of high-voltage power lines between major power stations. Pumped storage hydropower kicked in by 4:55 p.m., potentially helping balance the grid. At about 6:35 p.m. local time, National Grid said the power issues had been resolved. The incident raises questions about the state of the country’s infrastructure.


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