Residents of Whaley Bridge in Derbyshire, near Manchester, evacuated


The treath occurred from the Toddbrook Reservoir, near Whaley Bridge. Panels on one side of the dam had partially collapsed. The Toddbrook Reservoir was originally built in the 1830s and was significantly rebuilt in the 1980s. “If you are being evacuated then please start heading to Chapel High School where further direction will be given,”the police said. „Please make alternate arrangements to stay with friends/family, ensure that pets and medication that may be needed for a number of days are taken,” they added. Whaley Bridge is a town of around 6,500. „Our priority is to ensure people are kept safe and well and are not taking unnecessary risks,” Derbyshire Police said in a statement.

Dam with wall damaged

They also appreciated this is a fast moving, unprecedented emergency situation. Emergency services are working to secure the dam if possible. An expert has said the dam would “should be okay” as long as the core of the reservoir is not damaged. However Dr Mohammed Heidarzadeh, assistant professor and head of coastal engineering and resilience at Brunel University in London, said the aid the damaged spillway of the dam – designed to release water – could become “fully broken” within hours.


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