Boris Johnson became the British Prime Minister


The former mayor of London won 66% of the votes – 92,153, to Jeremy Hunt’s 46,656. He is regarded by colleagues as an impressive political campaigner. Johnson promised to deliver Brexit on October 31. “We will have a better (new) deal and start a new exciting partnership with Europe,” He also said to people “my job is to serve you” and promised more police on the streets, spending on healthcare and a higher living wage. Johnson’s victory was almost immediately welcomed by Donald Trump, who tweeted: “He will be great!” The Queen invited Johnson to form a government after May’s formal resignation.


Former British Prime Minister David Cameron, whose decision to hold the Brexit referendum triggered a political crisis in the UK, congratulated incoming premier Boris Johnson in a Twitter message. Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, congratulated Boris Johnson on becoming Prime Minister. German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed on Britain and Germany’s “common European heritage.” Johnson made his first speech as British prime minister at Downing Street. He paid tribute to his predecessor Theresa May and lauded her efforts.


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