This summer, there are perfumed carriages in Vienna’s subway


The network is a mix of old and new, and ancient infrastructure forms part of a very modern system. New stations and routes are still being added. Almost everyone in Vienna lives within a five-minute walk of a public transport stop or station, and a bus or train will be along within three to five minutes. Vienna’s system is widely regarded as one of the best in the world. Residents have to pay just a euro a day for those who buy the €365 (£328) annual pass. For comparison, a similar pass is €761 in Berlin, or £2,020 for London zones 1-4.


But the latest surprise for people using public transportation in Vienna’s subway are the perfumed carriages. That means when they enter the crowded carriage, they are met not with a musty mix of human odours, but with the subtle aroma of citrus fruit. In fact, Vienna’s biggest public transport debate this summer is over perfumed carriages, with a large public feedback.


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