An earthquake in Greece hit Athens


utages reported around the city. Some people were trapped in elevators. There was no reported serious damage or injuries immediately after the quake. One witness told the European Earthquake Monitoring CentER the earthquake was “strong but fortunately not very long”. The earthquake was close to the surface, which is why it was felt so much.The quake is thought to be the first to have struck the Greek capital since 1999, when a 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck at the bottom of Mount Parnitha. There had been seven aftershocks, with the largest measuring 3.1.


The Ministry of Citizen Protection in Athens said the city’s fire brigade and police were being deployed. Two helicopters were also assessing the extent of damage. The country is situated at a convergence point where three massive plates of the earth’s crust- Eurasian, Arabic and African – grind together.


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