French authorities are working to impose limits and new rules for tourist buses in Paris


Buses are no longer welcome in the very heart of the city,” the French capital’s deputy mayor Emmanuel Gregoire said. They would also introduce parking areas outside the city. Owercrowding in Paris is an issue but tourists is welcomed. The capital is open to mass tourism. However, “tourists can do what everyone else does and use public transport or switch to environmentally friendly mobility options” instead of buses. The city has also attempted to introduce a 30-day short term rental limit on Airbnb properties, but has found itself in dispute with the world’s biggest private rental firm over its plans for more stringent rules.


Paris is actually crisscrossed by dozens of hop-on, hop-off double-decker buses that shuttle tourists between the main monuments, as well as international tourist coaches that bring in budget travelers from all over Europe. France’s new law on mobility will give local authorities more powers to regulate local traffic. „We need change,” said Gregoire. Last year 50 million tourists reached Paris and the Ile-de-France region, in the world’s most visited country.


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