An explosion hit two apartment buildings in Sweden, dozens were injured


25 people were injured, officials said. 14 ambulances have attended the scene with the university hospital in Linköping going into “disaster mode.”  Victims mainly suffered cuts from splintered and flying glass. Several people were hospitalized. It was unclear what exploded and what the location for the blast was. The explosion blew out dozens of windows and destroyed balconies in two adjacent apartment buildings. Their roofs were also damaged. A total of 109 apartments had their windows and balconies damaged. One of the buildings has five stories, while the other has four floors. The cause of the blast wasn’t immediately known.


The bomb squad has been dispatched to the scene to investigate. As for now, we don’t have any information to believe this is terror-related,” police spokesman Bjorn Oberg told to media. Officers had no suspect and no one has been arrested.Police have cordoned off several blocks in the immediate area. Sweden has seen several cases in recent years where explosives were used in suspected gang-related attacks.


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