French President Emmanuel Macron offered info about his planned reforms


This is his response to months of Yellow Vest protests in the country. Macron promised to significantly reduce income tax. He also announced that pensions below 2,000 euros ($2,226) would be linked to inflation, in addition tax-free end-of-year bonus, would be proposed so that “work pays”. He also proposed constitutional reform to make people more involved in the democratic process by simplifying rules for referendums and decentralizing administrations. He promised to reduce the number of parliamentarians and limit the number of mandates over time.


Macron also promised to open an “act II of decentralization”, by 2020 which “should focus on housing, transport, ecological transition”. The president said he had “learnt a lot” from national debates held with French citizens across the country. The president also acknowledged there were concerns in society regarding climate change and immigration. Emmanuel Macron also warned the yellow vest movement , whose protests have often turned violent, that it is time for a return to order. “The moment of truth,” said the Le Parisien newspaper.


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