The U.K.’s Prime Minister asked for a longer delay to BREXIT


She said the UK would prepare to field candidates in European Parliamentary elections in case no agreement is reached. French President Emmanuel Macron’s office said on Friday that it was “premature” to consider another delay. At the EU summit on 10 April, the EU leaders would have to unanimously agree on any plan to delay the UK’s departure. Mrs May has already requested an extension to the end of June but this was rejected at a summit last month.


30 June is the day before the new European Parliament will hold its first session. n her letter, the prime minister says she would continue to seek the “rapid approval” of the withdrawal agreement and a “shared vision” for the future relationship between the UK and EU. If a withdrawal agreement could be ratified by Parliament earlier “the government proposes that the period should be terminated early” so the UK can leave the EU and cancel preparations for the European Parliamentary elections.


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