Shooting inside a tram in the Dutch city of Utrecht, Netherlands


“We cannot rule out terrorist motive,” said The Netherlands’ National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism, PJ Aalbersberg. The threat level in Utrecht Province has been temporarily raised to 5, the highest in the country, for many hours. Trains and trams have stopped running and schools have been asked to keep their doors closed. Utrecht University has reportedly closed all buildings. The mosques across the city have been closed due to security concerns. Security was increased at mosques elsewhere in the Netherlands. Prime Minister Mark Rutte told  to media that he was “very concerned” about the incident. The gunman is still at large.


Dutch security forces were hunting for a 37-year-old Turkish man, Gokman Tanis, “associated with the incident”. No further details were given. The head of Dutch counter-terrorism said shots had been fired at several locations, without elaborating. Counter-terrorism units surrounded a house in Utrecht, Dutch television showed, but no one appeared to have been arrested. Utrecht is the Netherlands’ fourth largest city, about 25 miles from Amsterdam. Unlike Britain, Belgium, France and Germany, the Netherlands has not had a major terrorist attack in recent years.


At least three were killed in the attack.
Police later announced the suspect had been taken into custody.


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