Train incident in Germany, Sunday, due to a drunken man


He took a fire extinguisher off the wall and smashed a glass door separating the cab from the passenger compartment. The train stopped near Frankfurt. The man was arrested and faces an investigation into dangerous interference in rail traffic. No passengers were hurt but the train operated by Germany’s Deutsche Bahn was taken out of service. The man will face severe charges according the German law. For the instant his name was not disclosed and not other information about the circumstances are available.

ICE routes in Germany

The Deutsche Bahn ICE (InterCity Express) is a high-speed train up to 300km/h, one of the fastest ways to travel from Germany. It also connects 32 major cities in the country. The trains have air conditioning, children play areas, disabled facilities, bars and coffee bars, restaurant, video screens and WIFI Internet. Most ICE trains offer breakfast/lunch or dinner menus with many German specialties as well as snacks and a wide selection of beverages.


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