UK lawmakers voted Thursday to delay the BREXIT


They already previously provided clear majority against leaving the EU without a deal. But unless a delay is approved by all 27 remaining EU leaders, Britain is heading for a chaotic exit on March 29. „It will be for the European Council (Article 50) to consider such a request, giving priority to the need to ensure the functioning of the EU institutions and taking into account the reasons for and duration of a possible extension,” the spokesman of  EU Commission said. A second BREXIT referendum vote was not sustained.


A longer delay to BREXITwould force the UK to take part in elections to the European Parliament in May, and to continue paying in to the EU budget. More than two years since Britain voted to leave the EU, its politicians are divided. A lack of vision and preparation were evident long before the vote at referendum. Some moves appear counterproductive and even illogical and dilemma was not solved. The Commons finds itself in a state of paralysis. Major economic and political consequences are possible. What will be the answer ?


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