The latest BREXIT plan was rejected by the British Parliament


he Withdrawal Agreement that was rejected would have set the terms of the UK’s departure and provided a transition period until December 2020 where current arrangements remained in place. “Support this deal, in which case we leave the European Union with a deal. Or risk No Deal, or no Brexit. These are the options,” Theresa May said. There were 149 votes (242 to 391) against it.  Speaking immediately after the vote, Ms May said she profoundly regretted the decision the House had taken. Mrs May confirmed a vote will be held tomorrow that gave MPs the chance to rule out leaving the EU without a deal, “an issue of grave importance for the country”. The UK is due to leave the EU in 17 days.


Now, there are chances of a general election or a second Brexit referendum. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said that “after three months of running down the clock” Ms May had “achieved not a single change to the withdrawal agreement”. During a press conference on Monday night (local time) EU president Jean-Claude Juncker confirmed extra legal assurances had been agreed, but warned: “There will be no new negotiations”. Ms May warned last week that any delay could mean “we may never leave the EU at all.” The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, said that the UK was the only party that could solve the dilemma.


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