Scaffolding collapsed in a busy street in London near the Royal Free Hospital


Approximately 200sqm of scaffolding fell opposite the hospital. It had collapsed all over the road. The structure crashed to the ground when strong wind of 54mph  manifested. Some bricks came down first and alerted people to move out of the way. There was an awful lot of screaming. Pond Street in Camden has been closed by crews from the emergency services since 14:50 GMT. A spokesman of the London Fire Brigade said that „surrounding buildings have been evacuated as a precaution and a cordon is in place.” London Ambulance Service said no injuries had yet been reported at the time of the incident.


„To date we have not been required to treat any patients in relation to the incident. We are continuing with planned appointments although transport to and from the hospital is affected,” a spokesman for the Royal Free Hospital declared. Witnesses at the scene said it was a truly traumatic experience. Somebody said it ‘sounded like a bomb’. It was an afternoon of strong winds in London and southern England. More wet and windy weather is expected over the next few days.


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