Painting stolen in front of visitors at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow


Camera footage retained a young man calmly walking up to the painting, stopping to take a look and then taking it off the wall with other visitors looking on. No one had a reaction, not believing this was a robbery. He then crosses the hall and walks away. The painting was recovered next day by the police. It had been hidden at a construction side outside Moscow. The Interior Ministry said Monday that they have detained a 31-year-old suspect in the theft. The man was detained last December for drug possession and has been on bail since.

Ai-Petri. Crimea (the stolen painting)

The Tretyakov Gallery is one of Russia’s most renowned museums. After this incident, Russia’s Culture Minister said will make all temporarily exhibitions at state-owned museums to be equipped with motion detectors. It is not known yet if the author of the painting robbery had a plan or if he had an idea about the value of the painting. Some other works by Kuindzhi have fetched more that $3 million at auctions.


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