A small plane and a helicopter collided in mid-air in Italy killing five


The cause of the accident is not yet known and the investigation will give answers. Five people were killed and two injured. A hospital in Aosta has activated its emergency procedure. One person was hospitalized with serious injuries. The identities and nationalities of the victims have not been released. It remains unclear how many passengers in total were traveling on the plane and the helicopter and also if the passengers who died were on the plane, the helicopter, or both.

Debris in the snow

Two alpine rescue helicopters were made available to help evacuate the passengers and crew. Rescuers were equipped with metal-cutting tools. Parts of the aircrafts were in the snow. The Rutor glacier covers nine square kilometers, being the second-largest in the Val d’Aosta region. Skiers frequently access it by helicopter during winter. Winter sports are very popular in Italy and the Rutor glacier is a big seasonal attraction.


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