The mayor of Gdansk died after being stabbed with knife


A child shouted “Mum, someone has a knife!”, moments before the mayor of Gdansk in Poland was stabbed in front of hundreds of people. Polish police said he had access to the stage using a media badge. The stabbing has shocked Poland. Interior Minister Joachim Brudzinski said the attack was “an act of inexplicable barbarism”. Adamowicz served as Gdansk’s mayor for more than 20 years. The attacker, 27-year-old was arrested. It is a Gdansk resident. He was previously convicted for bank robbery and has spent time in prison. He blamed the mayor and his party for his conviction and imprisonment.

The charity event in Gdansk

European Council President Donald Tusk had posted a message of support on Facebook, saying, “let’s pray for Mayor Adamowicz. Pawel, we are with you.” Hundreds of people responded to Gdansk’s regional center’s Facebook post appealing for blood donors. His wife was in London at the time of the attack and Poland sent a government plane to bring her home. Adamowicz will be remembered for his staunch support of LGBT rights, immigrants and minority groups.


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