Several people were killed, others injured in an atypical train accident in Denmark


The passenger train had departed from the city of Odense.The other train transported Carlsberg beer carried by Deutsche Bahn Cargo Scandinavia. Six people were killed and 16 injured, Danish police said. The accident occurred on a bridge linking the Danish islands of Zealand and Funen.


A severe storm made it difficult for emergency services to reach the scene. Around 100 passengers were trapped on board. Rescue teams are still working at the scene. No cause for the accident has been established yet. “One of the containers was blown off the cargo train into the rails, because of the wind. Our driver tried to stop the train, pulling the brake. But the train continued to drive a bit, and crashed into the container blown off from the cargo,” a witness said. The commuter train was very crowded at the time. Emergency services used special equipment to open the doors, which were jammed. Flemming Jensen, managing director of Denmark’s national rail service, DSB, said it took the accident very seriously. ” Ordinary Danes on their way to work or home from Christmas holidays have had their lives broken,” Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen tweeted, saying the accident had “shaken us all”.


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