A group of people in France spent the New Year Eve trapped in a fair ride


One of them was as young as 13.They climbed aboard the 52-meter (171ft) when the installation stopped. The ride suffered a technical problem when the people inside it were high up in the air. The ride’s operators spent an hour trying to get it to restart before realising they would need help from the emergency services. The rescues operation was not an easy task. The owner of the ride, Alexandre Thiel, said the broken part blocked it and while there was no danger to those on board, “the only problem was getting them down”. “It’s a technical incident that has never happened before ,” he also said. Firefighters made several attempts to rescue the revellers, but their 30-meter ladder was too short.


A helicopter was needed. Trapped people were evacuated one by one. People were still stuck in the ride at 1:00 am. At 5:59 am on Tuesday morning, Rennes mayor, Nathalie Appere, tweeted that the rescue operation had finished. In the early hours of the morning a fight broke out between the families involved and fairground workers. “I never thought I’d get out. It was very traumatic,” one of the rescued, 23-year-old Antoine said. “It was long, it was cold and it was frightening.”


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