An old iconic tram derailed in Lisbon injuring dozens


The accident happened early Friday evening in the Lapa district of the capital. The tram was at a high speed and derailed on a bend at the bottom of a steep hill, striking a building before falling on to its side. Twenty-eight people have been injured, including two children, one of them being six-months-old. People were trapped inside the wreckage and some pedestrians passing by were also hurt. Around fifty emergency workers were involved in the rescue operation to free the trapped passengers. No one was badly hurt.


The operator, Carris, has confirmed that it will open a “thorough investigation” to find out the causes of the accident. Electric trams are a common mode of transport in the capital. Lisbon’s old trams are also popular with tourists. The town even offers 24h valid tickets to be on and off at any stop along the route. Those trams are described as a very funny experience which is a must do and are included between „attractions.”


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