Pigeons to be relocated from Cádiz


With archaeological remains dating to 3100 years, founded by the Phoenicians, situated on a narrow slice of land surrounded by the sea and offering well-preserved historical landmarks to see, the best known carnivals in the world, amazing beaches and a particular attractive gastronomy, Cádiz attracts tourists from all around the world. But the town has a big problem now: the pigeons. They have been terrorizing tourists to such an extent that local authorities are now taking steps to banish thousands of birds.


“They throw themselves at the food even when there are clients seating ready to eat it. They push glasses, plates and jars on to the floor and it’s a real mess,” Carlos Fernández, the manager of one of the restaurants in Cádiz’s beautiful Cathedral Square, told media. “Even inside the restaurant, they come in, they know where the food is and that we don’t do anything to them, they are not scared”, he added. Cádiz’s hoteliers say they’ve lost 20% of their business because of the pigeon. sThe city council decreed that the bird population of  9,000 was three times as many as Cádiz could sustain. There is a plan to catch and relocate 5,000 pigeons over one year period. They will be transported at least 170 miles away. The city wants “a respectful and sustainable solution to reduce the impact of the birds on cities like Cádiz.” But it’s not an easy thing to do.


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