Francois Hollande plans to eliminate homework in schools

The French President Francois Hollande proposed the elimination of homework as part of an effort to rebuild the education in France. The French education system is a little different than all the others. French children stay until very late at school every day except on Wednesday when they have a free day.

Some might argue that because kids get out so late from schools they don't have time for other extracurricular activities. Other people say their child feels pressured. Going to school is no fun. The well defined French educational system was originally built to create some of the most intelligent minds. Unfortunately this is no longer the case. To the disappointment of the French people the international performance of the children that go to school in France is on a continuous decline for the past 10 years.

Francois Hollande thinks children see homework as a form of punishment especially when the kids have a difficult home situation. While most parents don't agree with this argument one thing is agreed by all: The French educational system must be reworked. The French plan proposes that school days are shortened, children won't have to do homework and that Wednesday will no longer be a free day. Only time will tell if France will once again be an education pioneer like it used to.