“River” of chocolate in a city street in Germany


This happened in western German Westönnen, a suburb of the town of Werl, after a ton of liquid chocolate flowed out of DreiMeister factory and because of the very cold temperatures quickly solidified on the pavement. A “small technical defect”, in fact a mechanical issue  involving a storage tank caused the chocolate to spill out from the factory.On  the chilly pavement, the milk chocolate quickly hardened.


The road was closed. The fire brigade were called around 8pm . 25 firefighters used shovels, hot water and torches to remove the chocolate. Employees of the DreiMeister factory also helped with the emergency. Fire brigade and specialist cleaners spent two hours cleaning up the mess. Company boss Markus Luckey told media if the spill had happened closer to Christmas, “that would have been a catastrophe”. “Despite this heartbreaking incident, it is unlikely that a chocolate-free Christmas is imminent,” the fire department said. DreiMeister is a luxury chocolate-maker that specilaises in handmade treats sold through specialist retailers. The company has 130 regular employees and around 50 to 80 seasonal workers.


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