New yellow vests protests expected in the weekend in France


Thousands of French security forces are prepared across the country, ready for action. About 8,000 were deployed in Paris. The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and other tourist landmarks in Paris were shut, shops were boarded up to avoid looting and street furniture removed to avoid metal bars from being used as projectiles. Protesters, using social media, have billed the weekend as “Act IV” in a dramatic challenge to Macron and his policies. The “yellow vests” continue to demand more concessions from the government, including lower taxes, higher salaries, cheaper energy costs, better retirement provisions and even Macron’s resignation.

Past protest in Paris

Authorities say the protests have been hijacked by far-right and anarchist elements bent on violence. Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said police would have no tolerance for violence. The self called yellow movement’s spokesman, Christophe Chalencon, expressed fear that „if there are protests in Paris, there certainly will be deaths.” Macron, who has not spoken in public since he condemned last Saturday’s disturbances while at the G20 summit in Argentina, will address the nation early next week, his office said. Macron has presented himself on the world stage as a spokesman for multilateralism and internationalism against a nationalist wave moving through Europe.


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