Former SS guard charged with more than 36,000 counts in Germany

Hans Werner H., whose last name wasn't released because of privacy regulations, accused of serving as an SS guard in the camp in northern Austria from mid-1944 to early 1945, has been charged in Germany with more than 36,000 counts of being an accessory to murder.

He is now 95-year-old. The suspect isn't accused of a specific killing, but prosecutors argue that as a guard he helped the camp function. During the time he was serving, 36,223 people were killed at Mauthausen, primarily by gassing, but also by lethal injection, shootings, starvation or exposure. The SS Rottenfuehrer, roughly equivalent to corporal, is accused of serving both in the outer perimeter of the camp and inside, as well as guarding prisoner work details at a nearby quarry.

Image of the Mauthausen Nazi camp

A court must review the charges and determine whether the suspect is fit for trial. The suspect denies the charges. In recent years, in Germany, former Nazi camps guards can be charged with accessory to murder. Germany proved every time when was the case total intransingency for the Nazi criminals.