A German teenager lost driver licence in less than one hour


He was clocked traveling almost twice the speed limit – at 95km/h (60mph) in a 50km/h (30mph) zone. The young man, 18-year-old,  had four friends in the car with him, regional police in Märkischer Kreis said. He has been formally banned for four weeks, but police said he would only get his licence back after “expensive retraining” and after paying a €200 fine. “Some things hold for eternity… some not even an hour,” German police said in a statement on their Facebook page.


The story became a media news because authorities in the country think prevention is based on information. At the same time, statistics give a top placement to young people about dangerous speed on the roads. In an European study about young drivers cars accidents, initiated by Netherlands, German drivers aged 18 – 20 are responsible for 29.7 % of accidents produced by speed. Speed is also the most prominent accident cause. Youngsters also drive very often during the weekend nights. Men  get more often involved in this type of accidents than women do.


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