A draft agreement for BREXIT was reached by the UK and EU


Cabinet ministers will review the draft text before the meeting of the full cabinet  Wednesday. Details of the agreement were not immediately available. It’s supposed it contains a solution for the Irish border issue, which generated months of discussions. Mrs. May will have also to push the compromise plan through Parliament, whith many opponents to face. If May’s cabinet signs off on the draft agreement, the next step is for European Union leaders to approve it in a meeting at the end of the month. The U.K. will cease to be a member of the EU on March 29.


After that, a transition until the end of 2020 will begin. Trade negotiations will take place. Pro-Brexit hard-liners fear that a plan to prevent border checks might keep the United Kingdom tied indefinitely to European customs rules, preventing it from striking free trade deals. The Democratic Unionist Party also warned that it would not accept a plan under which Northern Ireland would have some different economic rules than the rest of the United Kingdom. One influential pro-Brexit lawmaker, Steve Baker, said on Tuesday that about 50 pro-Brexit Conservative lawmakers might oppose Mrs. May’s deal. Negative comments occurred.


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