Search for survivors after two buildings collapsed in Marseille, France


Authorities said one building had been condemned as substandard and was assumed to be unoccupied, but the other was inhabited. One had five floors and the other six, was determined based on old photos of the area. Another source says both buildings were three stories high. It was not known if people were inside being trapped in the collapse. Marseille fire services said two people who were in the street when the buildings collapsed were treated for light injuries.


President Emmanuel Macron said Monday evening it was unknown if anyone was killed or trapped. Sabine Bernasconi, the local mayor for that part of Marseille, said One of the buildings was subject to an evacuation order. “The urgent task is to determine whether there are people we can save,” the government’s housing minister, Julien Denormandie, said at the scene. One of the buildings was clearly in poor repair, with boarded-up windows and large visible cracks on the facade before it collapsed. Fire officials deliberately brought down most of a third building due to concerns the unstable structure might cave on top of search crews and sniffer dogs. The search for survivors is on way. Latest news are about 12 people feared to be trapped.


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