Two teenagers were stabbed to death in London in 24 hours


Police found the injured teenager outside Clapham South station in Balham Hill, Wandsworth. “I saw the guy on the floor, a pool of blood like he’d been stabbed in the stomach, his clothes were soaked,” a witness said. Another person wrote on Twitter: „I saw a group of “agitated and shouting” people before noticing one had a “huge knife”.The boy was taken to hospital where he died shortly afterwards from his injuries.Those travelling on the Tube going through Clapham South were told police had shut the station. Roads around the Tube station have been closed. No arrests have been made at this stage.

The scene of the crime in London

The incident occurred at just a day after another boy, a 15-year-old,  described by neighbours as a “sweet boy,” was stabbed to death on the streets of London. The young teen wanted to become a cartoonist and loved riding his mountain bike. Some newspapers reported that for the first time in modern history murders in London exceeded those in New York. The two cities have roughly the same population allowing a relatively easy comparison. 32 teenagers were killed in 2018 in London, with 24 of them stabbed to death. However, Metropolitan Police spokespeople have again stated that “London remains one of the safest cities in the world.”


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