German Chancellor Angela Merkel possibly would not stand for re-election as CDU chairwoman


The result is widely interpreted not as a rejection of local politicians but rather a protest against Mrs Merkel’s unhappy coalition government in Berlin.  Unnamed party sources said German Chancellor Angela Merkel  would not stand for re-election as CDU chairwoman when the party holds a conference in early December. A spokesperson for the party said Merkel wants to remain as the leader of until 2021 when the next federal election is due. This current term as chancellor will be her last.

Reaction in the Green Party after exit poll

A party leadership race within the CDU is expected now. The chancellor is elected by the Bundestag (German Parliament) while the leader of the CDU is elected by CDU party members. They can be held by two different people. Some experts are still skeptical that Merkel could see out a full fourth term. “The message to the parties ruling in Berlin is people want fewer disputes and more focus on the important issues,” state premier and CDU member Volker Bouffier told supporters. Andrea Nahles, the Social Democrats’ leader, said that “the state of the government is unacceptable.”


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