Many Russian soccer fans were injured in an escalator incident in Rome


At least five people are reported to be in critical conditions. One person was seriously hurt in the accident. He had to have his leg amputated. The escalator suddenly speed up, hurtling people down the stairs. some soccer supporters were trapped between the metal plates of the steps. Footage on social media shows people being crushed at the bottom of the escalator as it runs out of control. Those travelling on the opposite escalator were even seen dragging fellow passengers away from the crush. Witnesses said however the escalator broke after singing and chanting fans started to jump up and down on it.


Emergency services rushed  to the scene and the station had been closed. All those injured have been hospitalized. The accident caused panic in the station as some passengers believed a terror attack was taking place. State television RAI broadcasted a video of the incident. The incident will be investigated.

This story will possibly be updated


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