A car ploughed into a crowd of children in Sweden


It appeared to be directed for the group of 100 people and accelerated into. Children “threw themselves” out of the way of the car. “He drove into two of the students. One was injured on the wrist and possibly the other student was also injured,” police said. No other info was released about the injured. The group was made up of 100 children and 10 teachers from Mjallby secondary school, walking from Hinnedalsvagen to Grundsjon as part of a social event. The driver fled the scene and witnesses were unable to identify whether the driver was male of female.

The incident located on the map

A police manhunt is now underway. They are appealing for any information. It was not clear if the incided will be considered a terror attack. Similar incidents involving cars previously occurred in the country. Sweden is known as not tolerating such things and is expected a serious investigation in the case.

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