A species of spiders built a giant spider web in Greece overnight


It is covering everything from trees to shrubs near a lagoon on the shores of the town. Tetragnatha are commonly known as stretch spiders due to their stretched-looking, elongated bodies. They live in many areas around the world, including the US and Europe . Experts say these spiders aren’t dangerous to humans and were likely just taking advantage of favorable mating conditions. Temperatures in the region have been high, that joined by adequate humidity levels and a large number of mosquitos.


In fact isn’t the first time this has happened, and it’s a relatively common phenomenon which can occur every couple of years. “The spiders will have their party and will soon die,” Maria Chatzaki, professor of molecular biology and genetics at Democritus University of Thrace said. But it’s true, people with arachnophobia in Aitoliko will have some bad days and it’s nothing to do for them. This particular spiderweb is one of the largest ever witnessed and, according to scientists, it will eventually disappear naturally. “It is probably a reaction of nature to balance the system by limiting mosquitoes,” another opinion was. Tetragnatha is a genus of spiders containing hundreds of species. They are able to run over water.


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