A car rammed into pedestrians close to a mosque in London


After engaging in a confrontation with a group of worshippers at the Shia Islamic centre, when “comments of an Islamophobic nature were allegedly made,” the car “proceeded to make off at speed colliding with three individuals as it left.” “The driver was swerving into people, trying to run over as many people as possible,” a witness said. The incident was not being treated by the police as terror-related but as a possible hate crime. No arrests have been made. The assistant secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) claimed people at the scene reported hearing “anti-Islamic” slogans being shouted during the incident. Paramedics delivered first aid to the wounded.

Shia Islamic Center in London

The Hussaini Association called the incident a “premeditated Islamophobic attack,” adding that the worshippers were attending a 10-day series of lectures commemorating the death of Hussain, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. “We have a zero-tolerance approach to hate crime in London. Places of worship – for people of all faiths – must remain safe,” London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted. Reports of Islamophobia in the UK, including within the ruling Conservative Party, have come under scrutiny in recent months.


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