Former boxing champion Tarik Sahibeddine helped crew of a Lufthansa flight


The malcontent active aggressively and tried to enter the cockpit in order to force the pilots to change the course. Sahibeddine prevented the hijacking as he threw the man on the floor and tied him, allowing the crew to successfully continue the flight. “The first incident takes place two meters from me when the hostess comes in. I hear her talking, but it was aggressive,” says Tarik Sahibeddine . “Here I say to my wife: There is a problem, The breaker seems to want to impress the crew member and imitates headshots,” he than added. Tarik did his job well.

After landing, Tarik was allowed to take a photo in the cockpit

After the plane landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, the offender was handed over to the authorities. “He told me that he wanted to take control of the plane to recover friends who were in Munich” says the former champion. The 46-year-old former boxer says he regained the sensations after the game, the adrenaline rushing into his body and the “movie” that goes around in his head. Tarik Sahibeddine is now an educator in Bordeaux in contact with young psychotics.


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