A car crashed outside the Houses of Parliament in London, two were injured


Westminster Bridge has also been closed. The collision happened close to the House of Lords entrance to Westminster Palace. Two people was injured but have non life-threatening injuries. The car, a silver Ford Fiesta, went onto the wrong side of the road to where cyclists were waiting at lights and ploughed into them. After, the driver accelerated and crashed into the barrier. The car had been badly damaged towards the front. The man in his late 20s was detained and is suspected of terrorism because the car appeared to deliberately hit members of the public. No one else was in the car.

The driver was arrested

The police is investigating his background. Police put up a Terrorism Act cordon. A bus was evacuated close to the scene after incident. More than 10 police vehicles and at least three ambulances were at the scene outside Parliament. Scotland Yard confirmed that the incident is being investigated by counter terrorism officers. No weapons were recovered at the scene. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said he was in close contact with police. The Parliament is currently in summer recess.


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