A man in Germany called police being chased by a baby squirrel


The creature was still terrorizing the caller when officers arrived. Things finished  when the squirrel abruptly fell asleep. Officers dubbed the little animal Karl-Friedrich saying they have now a mascot but the squirrel was transported to an animal rescue center. The rodent is now in a sanctuary and is well cared for, according to police. “We wish the little one all the best!” police said on Facebook.

The baby squirrel fell asleep

Squirrels are known to chase after human beings when in need of food or help. Possibly this had lost the mother and needed a solution. “It often happens that squirrels which have lost their mothers look for a replacement and then focus their efforts on one person,” said Christina Krenz, a police spokeswoman. “It can be pretty scary,” she also said, determining that the caller “was certainly feeling a bit threatened”. Karlsruhe is a ‘green city’ with more than 1,000 hectares of public parks, lakes and small woods. Squirrel attacks are not always so benign. Even the authorities in New York warned Prospect Park visitors last year to avoid an “unusually aggressive” squirrel who attacked five people in the space of one week.


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