Frankfurt Airport in Germany was partially evacuated Tuesday


Federal police stopped flights from boarding and kept passengers out of area. Terminal 1 was partial evacuated. Passengers described scenes of “confusion” as they were evacuated from the terminal at ’s busiest airport. But just a bunch of confusion, fortunately no panick. The terminal reopened around two hours after. Police did not clarify what had triggered the positive explosives test but The family were later found, questioned and allowed to travel on. Possibly one of them had not fully completed security checks and police blamed “an error by a security officer”. The alarm to evacuate the terminal was accidentally triggered by an air safety assistant, federal police said in a tweet. 

Frankfurt airport evacuation

Passengers complained of confusion and lack of information during and after the evacuation. Due to the incident more than 49 flights have been cancelled at Frankfurt Airport. Around 1,500 flights were set to take off or land on Tuesday. It wasn’t immediately known how many people were affected by the precautions. Last month, around 300 flights were cancelled at Munich airport, ’s second-biggest after Frankfurt, after a similar incident in which a person passed through the security area without being checked. More than than 30,000 passengers were affected.


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