Knife attack in a crowded bus in Germany left several people injured


The bus was full of passengers when the suspected perpetrator dropped his backpack and started attacking people with what appeared to be a kitchen knife. One of the victims was just offering his seat to an elderly lady when the attacker stabbed him in his chest. The crowded bus was reportedly en route to a popular area beach.The suspect, believed to be in his 30s, fled the bus and was quickly arrested by police. Authorities were still trying to determine the circumstances of the attack. A police spokesperson confirmed that no one was killed in the attacks.


“The passengers jumped off the bus and screamed. It was terrible,” one eyewitness described the scene outside of the bus. Witnesses also described a “bloodbath.” Officers in a police car which happened to be close to the bus sprang into action after seeing what happened. An area surrounding a bus stop in the Kuecknitz neighbourhood was sealed off. “Nothing can be ruled out, including a terrorist background,” said Ulla Hingst, a spokeswoman for prosecutors in Luebeck. While the motive remained unclear in the Luebeck incident, has experienced a number of terror attacks in recent years.


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