France celebrated winning World Cup but violence errupted and two were killed


Police were forced to fire tear gas amid clashes with football fans during France’s World Cup celebrations and two fans died. In Paris, the riots originated from the famous Arc de Triomphe and spread across other parts of the French capital. Cops used water canons on crowds after the country became two-time world champions after beating Croatia 4-2. In nearby Saint-Felix, there was a death when a man in his 30s died when his car crashed into a tree as he celebrated the win.


In the Alpine city of Annecy a 50-year-old France fan broke his neck after jumping into a canal at the end of the competition. A police source in Paris said: “Rioting broke out soon after midnight as large crowds refused to disperse.” Officers who intervened were attacked. There have been scenes of absolute chaos. Around 845 cars were vandalised during the evening’s violence. A French mayor in Paris, Jeanne d’Hauteserre, said: “The party is ruined because of a handful of thugs”. In the city of Grenoble, people were throwing objects at police officers who responded by firing tear gas. In Marseille, rioting youths vandalised a bus and started fires in the street. There were numerous incidents in other cities including  Rouen, Le Havre, Lyon, Nice, Cannes, Strasbourg and Nantes. Hundreds were arrested.


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