A Belgian boy will start university aged only eight


He collected a diploma with a class of 18-year-olds. The boy has an IQ of 145. After holiday he will start university. At this time Laurent said he had considered becoming a surgeon and an astronaut but was now thinking about going into computers.Life is different for such human beings (because Laurent is not alone and can be compared with performance of others). As an example, he was a serios boy, not interested by toys, like others.

Simon after graduating

The little Einstein was born at Ostende and is now in Amsterdam. And he is exceptionel en math. Other teenagersperforming big things despite their age: Canadian teen Tanmay Bakshi landed a job at IBM working on artificial intelligence at age 13. Australian 11-year-old artist Aelita Andre also enjoyed early success, with her paintings fetching up to $50,000 and earning comparisons with works by Jackson Pollock. This year, Melbourne violinist Christian Li, 10, became the youngest winner of one of the world’s most prestigious music competitions, the Yehudi Menuhin International.

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